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WE HAVE EVERYTHING | The product range of our three successful brands: kwmobile, Kalibri and Navaris, contains more than 25.000 items - with an increasing tendency. The mobile and digital world is demanding, diverse and it is continuously changing. We have been aware of this from the beginning and we work persistently to live up to these attributes. Our products combine not only functionality and design, but they also stand out for using natural materials. Individual products like headphone stands made of real wood, handy covers made of real leather or high quality office accessories belong to the product portfolio of our premium brand Kalibri. With kwmobile we deliver an enormous product range of modern, practical and affordable accessories for smartphones and other electronical devices. We have also specialized ourselves in the Home & Living area with Navaris. Original light boxes, stylish sunglasses, wake up alarm clock or unique lamps: We have something for everyone.
WE ARE VERY FAST | One of our key competencies is logistics – with sophisticated and system-optimized processes. As a result of a well thought-out warehouse structure, we are able to send goods fast and efficiently.
WE LOVE MOBILE AND DIGITAL | Our product range includes accessories for all current devices like smartphones and tablets – from A like Apple to Z like ZTE. This allows us to reach an especially big target group, which finds accessories at our shop that no other provider offers. Our trend scouts are simply fast and they observe our sector with an alert eye.
WE ARE ONSITE | German quality management in all sourcing areas: KW-Commerce stands for that. Our logistics and quality management doesn't act like a puppeteer from afar. We maintain our own locations in Asia so that we can escort and supervise our goods from the production to its delivery. Our primary focus are quality and efficiency – here and there.
WE HAVE A UNIQUE NETWORK | We have been in this business for a long time now and we know how it works. For many years we have been building excellent relationships to suppliers and contacts, which allows us today to satisfy many customer requests. The implementation of given designs for your products or the creation of completely new designs according to your preferences are not a problem at all. We also brand products with their logo. Would you like something else?